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Bird Publishing

In the beginning it was all about graphic design and print. In the late 1980s Desktop Publishing technologies began the demise of traditionally set type. Our physical pasteup and camera workflows were soon replaced with digitally produced paper and film for pre-press production. Software advanced to handle not only basic design layouts, but color separation, database publishing and other multifaceted tasks. Then came the internet, the world wide web and skillsets continued to overlap into the convoluted, device-populated “responsive” requirements of media today.

We design, build and deploy responsive websites, providing maintenance and 24/7 support to clients. We can help identify your audience and reach out to customers with a web presence, SEO and materials that get your message across to the right people. And we still design/produce brochures, product photography and the occasional printed book.

  • Web Design - Print Design
  • Web Standards and Drupal CMS
  • Maintenance, Server-side Support
  • Photography & Photo Illustration