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Final Shells

final shellsJune 11, 2024 - Final ten .999 silver $2 catamaran shell pendants complete. 

Treasure Boats

Shells from silverJune 03, 2024 - This silver (in process shells) was hidden on a broken-down catamaran that was sold for $2.00 by family after the owner died. While working on the boat's restoration, the new owners discovered a hidden treasure trove of silver and gold. These shell pendants are silver mementos for the original owner’s family (who also shared in the discovered silver and gold). 

Nevil Shute bookThere's a little book by Nevil Shute (A Town Like Alice, On the Beach, etc.) called “Trustee from the Toolroom”. The story is about a technical journalist/machinist, Keith Stewart, who writes articles for an English magazine about miniature machines and models. Keith's sister is killed in a shipwreck in French Polynesia, and the book is basically the adventure he goes on (leaving comfortable retirement) to recover family treasure hidden in a small metal box on the boat. He is the "Trustee" for his niece. Great book if one likes Nevil Shute and even better if you’ve ever graced a Toolroom. #pendant #jewelry #silver #gold #forgedjewelry #machinist #toolroom #shipwreck #nevilshute

Keʻanae Peninsula

In Keʻanae is an old, stone church a short distance from the lava beach. Built in 1856, it's just about the only thing left standing from the tsunami in 1946. On the Road to Hana (Maui).

Vintage Leica Lenses

Old Leica lens on R5Sample images from old Leica screw mount lenses adapted to the Canon 5D.

Tahoe slide

Tahoe slide



Beach at Carlsbad CA.

Carlsbad beach


Truckee in the snow

Christmas 2022

Union P



Early morning in Zion National Park.

zion am


Authentic Sleeping Beauty

Old stock turquoise rough from from John and Estell Hartman in Durango Colorado.

sleeping beauty

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